FILIPPOVA Experience

the boutique photo session designed for you

Filippova Boudoir Photography

BOUDOIR. I find boudoir and sensual photography genre to be very inspiring to women, it’s a journey and celebration of feminine beauty and individuality. We tend to look at ourselves with so much critisism that we often forget or don’t even know how others see us. I recently did my own boudoir shoot and I too, like every woman, was blown away by the photos becasue I also never noticed those details! I fell in love with myself in the best possible way. I want to show every woman how amazing this experience is!

WHAT’S NEXT. We will meet for a personal styling consultation to discuss how you would like to be photographed. I have a quick questionnaire for you to fill out that would let me get to know you a little more and create your dream photoshoot. I will walk you through everything, from wardrobe & styling to location ideas.  If you wish to design something comletely unique, I am working with very talented fashion and set designers who can create anything you can possibly want. For now : day-dream as long as you need & let me know when you are ready to chat!

MAKE UP. I do not require professional make up and hair for my sessions. This is about YOU and your individuality so you decide whether you want to glam up your looks or if you’d rather get captured in your natural beauty and environment. Having someone else pamper you does feel incredibly special (from personal experience), so it definitely adds to the experience and makes you feel like a celebrity! I have  stylists that can spice up the everyday look or create something extravagant.  Remember, the Goddess within you needs no perfection!

LOCATION. This is really a personal preference, you are not limited to the four walls of a studio, I will bring the FILIPPOVA Experience to you. On location sessions: outdoors, inside a home or cottage, roof-top or mountain top. There are options to arrange a hotel or a specific photo studio based on your preferences.

THE PHOTO SESSION. A typical boudoir session takes between 1.5 to 3 hrs. Depending on the hair & make up application or the absense of such. You can have several outfits  (no limit) as long as we have time.  Most importantly:

  • TRUST me to capture the best of you.
  • ALLOW ME TO TELL YOUR STORY.  I will direct you and make sure that the images are the most flattering, respectful and true to your personality.

Very common questions and concerns:

“I don’t know how to pose”
– It’s not about posing, it’s about being yourself and I will direct you in a way that makes you feel sexy and at ease.

“I’m nervous” – Good, you are human not a doll. Feeling nervous is making you even more real and beautiful.  Imagine having a pj party, pillow fight and giggles – this is a grown up version of that!

“I’m not good at taking pictures” – as one master photographer says: “good thing I am taking pictures today, not you!”. Just show up and enjoy yourself, I’ll do the rest. Everyone is beautiful, it’s up to the photographer to capture it.

“I want to lose 5 lbs” – You will look and feel the best you’ve ever felt. I am photographing the personality and that’s the beauty of these photo sessions. I am going to capture the best of you, not change who you are.

I look forward to meeting you in person and beginning our photographic journey.