EDITORIAL.Genevieve at English Bay.

Genevieve and I have the best time at photoshoots, she is an actress and I think it gives her a unique ability to show many characters and explore moods with ease. As usual, we chose to do a photoshoot at sunrise, by the beach, it seems to be the theme through our creative journey. Anastasia, bless her heart, was up and ready to prep Genevieve at 4am, she is a talented make up artist and a total darling. We did a dewy look with soft tones for the golden dress and an very feminine look. Vancouver is incredibly picturesque, no matter where you are. These photos were taken at English Bay.

Make up & Hair by the very talented Anastasia // Jewelry by FSHN

Vancouver Boudoir Outdoors Vancouver Boudoir Editorial Portrait Vancouver Boudoir Vancouver Boudoir Photographer

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