EXHIBIT III. Eros 2013.

Second annual photo exhibit.

My third exhibit and second annual Eros show. What a fantastic collection of Nudes by Vancouver photographers. I had the honour of displaying 7 of my images, two of which were displayed on the Feature Exhibition wall. The words don’t really express how thrilled, happy and grateful I am. THANK you  my lovely friends for your continuous support, it felt amazing to have you all there. To see my submission on full screen, please view HERE.

“Her Gaze” – is the key image to me from the exhibit. It took me a few years to talk miss A. into doing a session. I was mesmerised by her uninhibited feminine presence. Thank you for allowing me to capture your beauty.

Eros 2013 – Her Gaze

The next image is a series of “wicked dinner”, a personal project of Miss. A. There are enough images for a separate gallery just from that session alone. “She eats hearts” was the piece submitted to the Eros 2013.

Eros 2013 - She Eats Hearts

Eros 2013 – She Eats Hearts

Feature Exhibition wall had two of the 12 images from my submission – “Afternoon dream” was selected.

Eros 2013 - Afternoon Dream

Eros 2013 – Afternoon Dream

The afternoon session had another image – “Curves”. Very well received by the public, also one of my favourites, so simple but very sensual.

Eros 2013 - Curves

Eros 2013 – Curves

The next b&w nude series were a very recent Fine Art Nude project with a new client. Miss J. found me online, and right away it felt like we were on the same page. Her collection turned out so great that I was exhibiting it in a week! Miss J. is a confident, elegant woman celebrating the strength of her body. It was my absolute pleasure to work together. Thank you for contacting me, Miss J., I look forward to our next photo session!

Eros 2013 - Untitled 1

Eros 2013 – Untitled 1

Eros 2013 - Untitled 2

Eros 2013 – Untitled 2

Eros 2013 - Untitled 3 (printed, not displayed for lack of space)

Eros 2013 – Untitled 3 (printed but not displayed for lack of space on walls)

Eros 2013 - Untitled 4

Eros 2013 – Untitled 4

Here are some iphone snap shots from the night; although, I regret not having a camera to capture all those in attendance!

Vancouver Nude Photographer

Vancouver Nude Photographer

Thank you for the flowers!

Eros Exhibit spectators and photographers

Thank you, friends, for your support! I

Miss. A’s mom is pretty proud, as she should be.

my biggest fan

my biggest fan and support <3

exhibit snaps

Feature Exhibition Wall – with two of my images – Afternoon Dream & Her Gaze.

Thank you!



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