The experience was absolutely amazing, and so are my photos. This was my first boudoir session, and I was quite a bit anxious going into it, not knowing what to expect.

I wholeheartedly recommend FILIPPOVA boudoir sessions to anyone who would like to get in touch with the elegant, beautiful and sensual side of themselves.

My insecurities were not an issue at all – I didn’t even think about my self-perceived imperfections. Eugenia has a way of making you feel completely comfortable, confident and brings out aspects of the real you we oftentimes keep hidden.

Eugenia knows all the angles and technical aspects, but at the same time, she has an amazing talent to make you feel comfortable and to bring out the beauty in you. During the photoshoot, I felt safe and completely at ease – the photos blew me away.. and needless to say, the photos completely changed how my boyfriend sees me. The word goddess keeps coming up in his vocabulary now.

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