Vancouver Nude Photographer

Vancouver Fine Art & Nude Photographer

HELLO. My name is Eugenia. I photograph people. I love LIFE, DOGS & COFFEE. Everything I know about photography is self-taught. My grandmother was a nature photographer (in Russia) and she taught me to appreciate the beauty of the small things, see extraordinary in everything. I find that women are the most aesthetically pleasing subjects to photograph so my photography has evolved into that direction over the last few years. Last summer I had my own session done and it has changed my own inner world and confirmed what I have been telling my clients all this time! Love thyself, celebrate who you are today and allow me to capture it forever.

MY STYLE.  I was recently told that I have a strong Editorial style of photography. Everyone has a story and it is my goal to bring the story to life. I like to get to know my subjects and let the mood and their personality guide me through the photo session. My mission is to photograph the individuality and essence of a woman in front of my camera, show her what she often misses when looking in the mirror. My photo sessions tend to be personal, therapeutic and fun.

PROJECTS.  My biggest passion right now is sensual portraiture for women, nude photography and boudoir projects. Every girl has a story, it’s an honour to be trusted with such a personal journey. I also enjoy unique wedding stories: whether it’s cozy, simple or lavishly designed, destination weddings, bridal glamour session, engagement or love photoshoot. I started to find that my clients who do one type of photo project come back to me with the next project and next stage of their life – and that is so rewarding! I am more than happy capture every important event that life brings to my clients and friends!

THE PROCESS. Getting to get to know my clients before the session is paramount setting clear vision of our project.  It’s like taking a journey into one’s soul. I aspire to create elegant and sensual portraits that reflect the individuality of my clients in the most flattering way. We find the perfect balance of planning and freeflow, shooting on location, using natural light, artistic directing and posing during the session.

LOCATION. I am based in Vancouver, BC and open for all kinds of travel and destination projects. Favourite place to shoot: nature and your perfect element – be that your home, water, forest, mountains, roof-top, studio, beach – no limits.

Please feel free to email or call me if you have any questions or project ideas! I love meeting new people and always enjoy interesting project.

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